Hero of the Day
Hero of the Day
This heroic volunteer helped to make the Atlantic safe during WW2

Cwmcarn born Royden Jandrell swam through the flooded lower deck of HMS Rodney, sealing off inundated areas to prevent his ship from sinking during the Battle of the Atlantic in May 1941. His heroic actions helped make the waters of the north Atlantic safe from German attack for which he was awarded the DSM.
Sporting heroes and heroines

Our sporting tradition goes back hundreds of years. It was said that Guto Nyth Brân, a fleet-footed shepherd from Llwyncelyn, could run faster than a horse. This legendary athlete who was born in Llwyncelyn is remembered every year with the Nos Galan races held in Mountain Ash.

Youngsters growing up in the coal towns of the early 20th century found excitement and, sometimes, a ticket to a new life through their local boxing clubs. As one Valleys' trainer put it, 'Children born in the tough valleys’ towns were so angry that they came out with their fists clenched!'  They were inspired by heroic boxers, men like Tommy Farr (the Tonypandy Terror) and Freddie Welsh (the Welsh Wizard) who was World Lightweight Boxing Champion 1914-1917. 

And since the very earliest days of cycle racing men from the Valleys have excelled. Tredegar-born paralympian Mark Colbourne follows in the tracks of Arthur Linton who was Champion Cyclist of the World in 1894. And of course we have more than our fair share of exceptionally talented rugby players, such as Ray Gravell.

Sporting Heroes