Hero of the Day
Hero of the Day
I look back upon the time spent at Tredegar as by far the most important years of my life... large works of this kind are by far the best school for a young engineer.
- Sir Daniel Gooch

Sir Daniel Gooch trained as an engineer under Thomas Ellis at Tredegar Ironworks. Together they pioneered steam railway locomotion in south Wales.
Our Heroes and Heroines
Flamboyant fashion designers, smooth sopranos, spirited singers, stars of stage and screen, charismatic conductors, composers of captivating anthems, ingenious industrialists, enterprising engineers and selfless souls - all these talented individuals, creative, adventurous and heroic, have been nurtured by the Valleys, shaped by our history and inspired by our landscapes.

Our mineral wealth spurred on entrepreneurs and engineers who helped make Wales the world’s first industrial nation. Our intimate relationship with coal and iron provided rich pickings for authors; story tellers like Alexander Cordell and Max Boyce made heroes and heroines of the people who powered these industries. Our tight-knit coal communities raised sons and daughters with heart, young men and women like Aneurin Bevan and Elizabeth Andrews who believed in a better future, a different way of doing things. We nurtured fighters for justice, like the Chartists,  prepared to die so that everyone could have the right to vote.  And heroes of faith like St Patrick and St Cein were born here. They followed their beliefs - and inspired generations of followers.

So many men and women from the Valleys, so many remarkable and courageous feats, so many achievements. Here we acknowledge and celebrate their role in shaping the modern world and making the Valleys what they are today.

These are our Valleys’ Heroes and Heroines…

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