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A town like Pontypandy (Visit Wales Crown Copyright 2013)
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Fireman Sam is the ultimate good guy whose heroic rescues have entertained young children across the globe for nearly 30 years. Set deep in the Valleys, Sam and the community he serves demonstrate the heart and soul of the Valleys.
The ultimate good guy!

Fireman Sam lives in the fictional Welsh town of Pontypandy - a combination of two Valleys towns, Tonypandy and Pontypridd. He is part of a very busy fire crew under the leadership of Station Officer Steele. Much of the action centres around Naughty Norman Price who, as his name suggests, is always getting in trouble and almost single handedly keeps Sam’s crew busy.

There is no sign of Sam’s popularity waning; as of 2013, over 160 episodes have been made of this BAFTA nominated cartoon and a ninth series in production. Sam is also well travelled; the show has been translated into 25 languages and aired in over 90 countries. The characters have been voiced by actors such as John Alderton and John Sparkes (the latter is also known for narrating Peppa Pig).

Such is Sam’s fame that the Archbishop of Wales referred to him in 2013 Easter sermon, saying that God, like Fireman Sam is a rescuer – surely the ultimate compliment!

Where to Visit?

Why not visit Tonypandy and Pontypridd, the towns that inspired the original Pontypandy

Pontypridd Heritage Trail

Explore this market town that became one of the most important manufacturers of tinplate in the UK

Birth: Rhondda 17 November 2013
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