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The Right Honourable Ann Clwyd MP (UK Parliament)
Ann Clwyd is recognised for her work in the fields of international development and human rights. She was the first woman to sit for a Valleys constituency, representing the Cynon Valley since 1984.

Before being elected MP for the Cynon Valley, Ann worked as a journalist, for the BBC as a studio manager and as Welsh correspondent for the Guardian and Observer newspapers. She holds an Honorary Doctorate from Trinity College Carmarthen for her contribution to politics and as a human rights campaigner.

Her career since entering Parliament in 1984 includes: Shadow Minister of Education and Women's Rights 1987-88; Shadow Secretary of State for: International Development 1989-92, Wales 1992, National Heritage 1992-93; Opposition Spokesperson for: Employment 1993-94, Foreign Affairs 1994-95; Assistant to John Prescott as Deputy Leader of Labour Party 1994-95; Special envoy to Iraq on human rights 2003-10 She has also been a Member of the Select Committees on: International Development 1997-2005, Foreign Affairs 2010, Arms Export Controls 2011.


Where to Visit?

Explore her constituency - The Cynon Valley - starting with the Cynon Valley Museum, Aberdare.

Birth: 21 March 1937
Ann Clwyd
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