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Ellis the engineer

Bedwelty Pits near Tredegar (Visit Wales Crown Copyright 2013)
I look back upon the time spent at Tredegar as by far the most important years of my life... large works of this kind are by far the best school for a young engineer.
- Sir Daniel Gooch
Sir Daniel Gooch trained as an engineer under Thomas Ellis at Tredegar Ironworks. Together they pioneered steam railway locomotion in south Wales.

Daniel Gooch was born in Bedlington, Northumberland, the son of John Gooch, an ironfounder, and his wife Anna Longridge.

He was recruited by Brunel in 1837 to be Superintendent of Locomotive Engines on the Great Western Railway.

Where to Visit?

Visit Tredegar Museum to find out more about the local iron industry which Gooch was working in.

Sirhowy Ironworks is near to where Gooch trained.

Birth: 24 August 1816
Death: 15 October 1889
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