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William "Mabon" Abraham (RCT Digital Archive)
This trade union leader and Rhondda MP is best known for his role as negotiator in the Cambrian Colliery Dispute of 1911.

Working down the pits by the time he was 10, was an experience which undoubtedly influenced the later life of William 'Mabon Abraham. He became a trade union leader and President of the South Wales Miners' Federation and, in 1885, MP for the Rhondda, which he represented until 1920.

He held the Rhondda seat until its abolition at the 1918 general election, when he was elected for the new Rhondda West constituency. He resigned his seat in 1920 and died two years later aged 79.

Where to Visit?

Blue Plaque at 19 St Stephen’s Avenue, Pentre.

Blue Plaque (number 28) Powerhouse, Llwynypia.

Birth: Cwmafon 14 June 1842
Death: 14 May 1922
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