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World lightweight boxing champion.

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Boxer fought boxing booths of South Wales -British heavyweight Champion 1937.

Howard Winstone is remembered in his home town by this statue (MTCBC)
'Children born in the tough valleys town were so angry that they came out with their fists clenched!'
- Eddie Thomas (Winstone's trainer)
A young man from Merthyr, who had lost three fingers in a factory accident, may seem an unlikely candidate for a world champion boxer. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Howard Winstone who became bantam weight world champion in 1968.
World champion bantam weight boxer

Winning the bantam weight gold medal at the Commonwealth Games held in Cardiff in 1958 made Howard Winstone a sporting legend overnight. Turning professional,he won 61 of the 67 bouts he fought between 1959 and 1968. At the fourth attempt and fighting at the Albert Hall in London, Howard beat his Japanese opponent to gain the World Championship in 1968. Official recognition of his heroic efforts came later that year when he was awarded the MBE.

Loved by the people of Merthyr,Winstone was made a Freeman of the Borough and following his death a statue of the town’s boxing hero was placed in St Tydfil’s shopping centre. It was sculpted by the son of another Welsh boxing legend, Jack Petersen and shows Howard wearing two Lonsdale Belts. In 2005 he was named Merthyr's greatest citizen in a poll run by Cyfarthfa Castle. In 2011 the film 'Risen' with Suart Brennan playing Howard Winstone, was released.

Where to Visit?

Why not enjoy a coffee in the 'The Lonsdale Bar'? Howard’s brother, Glyn Winstone, runs this boxing-themed café near the bus station in Merthyr Tydfil.

Winstone trained at the Penydarren Gym. Today Merthyr’s young boxers still train at the Dowlais Amateur Boxing Club and Merthyr Ex ABC Club. Find out about visiting during training here: http://www.welshboxing.org/clubs/south/merthyr-ex-abc/ http://www.welshboxing.org/clubs/south/dowlais-abc/

Birth: Merthyr 15 April 1939
Death: 30 September 2000
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