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Dr Richard Price (Richard Price Society)
'The most original thinker ever born in Wales'
This mathematical genius and free-thinking radical shaped the modern world and changed the course of international history. His political ideas influenced the American War of Independence and inspired one of the first campaigners for women's rights. His ideas have withstood the test of time and are just as relevant today as they were 250 years ago.

How did a man born in a farmhouse in a small village near Bridgend end up friends with Benjamin Franklin and the first President of the United States?

Richard Price was a nonconformist minister preaching in the leading radical chapels of South Wales and London. A champion of liberty and individual freedom, he studied morality, trying to explain how we know what is Right or Wrong. He became famous not only in Britain and France but also in America where he provided the theoretical foundation to justify the American colonists breaking their ties with Britain. His support for revolutionaries gained him international friends such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. When America gained independence from Britain, Price was invited to become a citizen of the new United States - and to take charge of the country's finances - which he declined.

Price contributed to the foundations of the modern world in other ways too. He was a leading mathematician. His work on Probability Theory transformed the insurance industry so it was based on mathematically proven calculations. It is still used today.

A supporter of the French Revolution, Price’s death was marked in France by a day of national mourning. His ideas have withstood the test of time and are just as relevant today as they were 250 years ago.

Remembering Richard Price in his birthplace - Llangeinor (Visit Wales Crown copyright)
Where to Visit?

Why not follow in his steps and take a dip in the sea at Southerndown Beach? Price was viewed as an eccentric when he enjoyed bathing here in the 18th century!

Enjoy a walk around Llangeinor village and visit the church and the Greenmeadow pub which has information on Dr Price.

Glamorgan Walks

Enjoy this walk which takes in Price's birthplace village of Llangeinor

Birth: Llangeinor 23 February 1723
Death: 19 April 1791
Dr Richard Price
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