The Valleys

Dark Sky Sites

The hilltops are empty and open - giving striking views across The Valleys, and also giving clear, wide views of the sky above, ideal for viewing the stars.  The night sky constantly changes, with constellations, planets, meteors and comets moving each day.

Of course, you can also track the International Space Station as it circles the earth, or even, if you are very lucky,  pick out the Aurora Borealis or Leonids Meteor Shower at the right time of year.

Take advantage of the stunning dark skies in The Valleys by visiting our Dark Sky Discovery Sites, which are situated across the region.  We have 3 classifications:-

Milkyway Class - These sites have minimum light pollution, and you are able to view the Milkyway with the naked eye.

Orion Class - These sites have low light pollution levels, and the seven main stars in the constellation Orion are visible. 

Awaiting Classification - These sites have been registered and are awaiting Dark Sky Discovery Site status.