Hero of the Day
Hero of the Day
'Children born in the tough valleys town were so angry that they came out with their fists clenched!'
- Eddie Thomas (Winstone's trainer)

A young man from Merthyr, who had lost three fingers in a factory accident, may seem an unlikely candidate for a world champion boxer. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Howard Winstone who became bantam weight world champion in 1968.
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Did you know that Britain’s highest-paid living artist, Andrew Vicari, is a Valleys’ boy from Port Talbot? Or that Laura Ashley, that iconic designer of floral frocks and furnishings, was born in Merthyr Tydfil?  From Tom Jones and Katherine Jenkins to Richard Burton and Michael Sheen, there are so many distinctive Valleys’ voices who have stayed true to their roots. Through their success, and their pride in their birthplace, they have put the Valleys on the world map.

Here we celebrate these men and women whose artistic, literary, musical and dramatic talents have entertained and inspired people around the world.

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