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John Cynan Jones - long standing conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir (Treorchy Male Voice Choir)
Pentre-born John Cynan Jones conducted the Treorchy Male Choir for 22 years at more than 600 public performances.

During his long career as conductor and associate conductor (1965 - 1991),John Cynan Jones led the Choir on tours to Canada and Australia, performances in concert halls across the UK and on radio and television with stars such as Ella Fitzgerald and Tom Jones. He was responsible for the Choir's first recording in 1968 - 'The Pride of Wales' - and for many other recordings the Choir made on the EMI label.

The Treorchy Male Choir (Treorchy Male Voice Choir)
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Treorchy Male Choir sings 'Bring him home'
Treorchy Male Choir sings 'Do you hear the people sing?'
John Cynan Jones
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