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Patrick Jones at the Nye Stones, Tredegar (Janie Jones)
One of the true great poets of our age, his work captures the feelings of the young people of Wales today.
- 100 Welsh Heroes
Patrick Jones is a poet and playwright who has brought the struggles and contradictions of life in the Welsh Valleys to new audiences. He was voted the most innovative poet and playwright in the ‘Top 100 heroes of Wales’.
Innovative playwright and poet

Born in Tredegar in 1965, Patrick Jones grew up in Blackwood, Gwent. He studied at Swansea University and in Tennessee, USA, but is now is based in Blackwood. His writing focuses on the lot of the South Wales working classes, charting the decline of the traditional iron and steel industries. It explores the effect of wider social and economic change on the Valleys, as well as examining his own complicated relationship with his homeland. His best-known play is perhaps Everything Must Go, a story of despair and revenge which toured the UK in 1999, and has the same title as the iconic album by Welsh band the Manic Street Preachers – Jones is brother of the Manics’ lyricist and bass player Nicky Wire.

Jones’ work covers everything from the Chartist rising of 1839 to male victims of domestic violence. It is known as emotional and intense, described by the playwright Harold Pinter as ‘strong stuff’. Welsh author Rachel Trezise said Jones' 2008 poetry collection, 'Darkness is where the Stars Are', was ‘harrowing, compelling and psychologically acute’.

In 2013, Jones worked with choreographer Caroline Lamb on a National Theatre Wales/Coreo Cymru Artist Development Commission to develop a new work marking the 100th anniversary of the Senghenydd Mine Disaster.

His high profile work – he has even read his poetry in the Welsh Assembly – led him in 2004 to be voted as the most innovative poet and playwright in the Top '100 heroes of Wales', following an extensive online poll.

Birth: Tredegar 1965
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Patrick Jones at the National Library of Wales
Launch of "Darkness is where the stars are".
Patrick Jones
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