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10/12/2017  Father Christmas arrives in style at Big Pit National Coal Museum

Want to see something different this Christmas? Ever thought that Father Christmas only went down chimneys? Think again!

23/09/2017  Win a two night break to celebrate World Tourism Day!

Tourism contributes to sustainable economic development – Not only does the sector spearhead growth, it also improves the quality of people’s lives and can champion diverse cultural heritage.

22/09/2017  Nye & Jennie

Set between the years 1930 and 1960, Nye and Jennie is a two handed play that details the public and private lives of husband and wife, Nye Bevan and Jennie Lee.

24/07/2017  Barry takes Robo Rhino, Stag Bol Bike and Moose Cycle around the streets of Caerphilly!

Rhondda sculptor Barry Lewis' new Robo Rhino bike made its debut on the streets of both York and Berlin to the delight of the general public and passing traffic. His escapades went viral on Facebook and is likely to generate even more interest in Caerphilly on Friday 28th July when Barry and his friends take his Robo Rhino, Stag Bol Bike, and Moose Cycle for a collective spin alongside the Castle.

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Discover Legendary Walks

2017 is an exciting year of Legendary adventures for the whole family - why not get out and explore this great landscape with so many hidden stories. How about following in the Footsteps of the Monks or the Footsteps of Nye Bevan? Great views - fabulous stories!

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The Valleys provide a fantastic landscape for a whole host of adventures. In this video our teenage family picks up the challenge of archery, kayaking and climbing as well as fitting in a visit to Cyfathfa Castle and Park and a bit of camping! Loads of ideas for your next adventure!

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#Year of Legends - December

The Valleys is home to a host of Legends - from the myths of the Green Lady at Caerphilly Castle, to the legendary inventors who used the natural resources to lead the Industrial Revolution across the world. Then there's music, political campaigners, creative genius' and our landscape - Visit our Legends in 2017!